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Hp | Enchanted Ceiling

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If anyone else played Hermione, it would actually kill me.

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This is what Mycroft’s looking at when Lestrade comes to ask him about the bolt holes. I know it’s hard to read, but he’s using it to track someone. A couple of things…

1. Codename UGLY DUCKLING? Rubbish big brother, honestly. Except…

2. Hope I’m not about to embarrass myself geography-wise, but that doesn’t look like London…or England. In fact, it kinda looks like…


3. It says “tracking” and the “ugly duckling’s” position is clearly marked, yet Mycroft just tells Lestrade a few more bolt holes to check out and does not give an exact location, then casually dismisses him as if he has bigger things to worry about than his recently-shot little brother’s hospital escape (which we all know isn’t quite true). 

If that really is somewhere around Warsaw – or just anywhere outside of London – well…Sherlock isn’t who Mycroft’s tracking here. So who is it?

Ugly Duckling…well, that’s a famous fairy tale. And we all know who loves fairy tales. Is Mycroft tracking Jim?

Alternatively…it’s the story of a duckling who is rejected by its family and eventually finds acceptance with the beautiful swans. Is Mycroft tracking the other one?

One more option – canonically, Irene Adler was the Prima Donna of the Warsaw Imperial Opera, and in this retelling we know she’s in witness protection. Is Mycroft tracking Irene?


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you’re gwen, right?

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DW Meme: otps [1/2] → Amy x Rory

"Seriously, it’s got to be you two."

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Timey Wimey Fest: Week #1 Day #2

↳ Favourite season: six

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random screencaps of harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban
“Don’t let the muggles get you down.”

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GoT meme: seven quotes [5/7]

Queen you shall be… until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear

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Destroya by My Chemical Romance is the first song released of The Maze Runner soundtrack

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