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"And don't forget: time is meant to be wasted, love fails, and death is useless."

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I could not rest, Watson, I could not sit quiet in my chair, if I thought that such a man as Professor Moriarty were walking the streets of London unchallenged.

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I couldn’t resist.


Martha Jones + character traits

Magnaminous: generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness.

(Also see: her relationships with her family and the Doctor to at least some extent.)

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#Sherlock: ALL BUSINESS AND NO PLAY #John: …the ceiling is pretty

I calculated that there were thirteen possibilities once I’d invited Moriarty onto the roof.

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First mistake. James Moriarty isn’t a man at all.
He’s a suave sexy mthrfckr.

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